The World is the Fields – Facebook – Cruzadas del Evangelio de Honduras
“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” – John 4:35

The World Is The Fields is a 5 fold ministry to Honduras, which is the second poorest country in our hemisphere, the murder capital of the world and scores quite prominently in the sex trade. This is because the country is primarily controlled by the drug cartels which leaving a wake broken lives in it’s paths. The World Is The Fields reaches out to the hurting people of Honduras by: 1) feeding hungry children; 2) providing schooling for children; 3) providing shelter & support to battered women; 4) bringing in medical missionaries to meet their medical needs; 5) providing wells to jungle areas. Supporters can designate their funds to any of these areas. For a donation of $20/month you can feed a child, send a child to school of pay for shelter for a woman in need. Helping us find medical or other types of missionaries to visit Honduras can help change the lives of hundreds of people.

All-Pro Pastors International –
Jesus said, “I have given them the glory You gave Me, so that they may be one as We are one and that they may be perfectly united, so that the world may know that You sent Me and have loved them just as You have loved Me. – John 17:22

Pastors are in a unique leadership position to change the world for Christ, but they too need help and encouragement to keep up the good fight. Unfortunately, pastors are hurting, burned out, and seeing their marriage become nothing more than a charade because their pastoral position makes it virtually impossible to receive help. All Pro-Pastors was established to be the sacred trust for pastors who are willing to help each other find rejuvenating strength for their own ministry and family by bringing pastors together for weekly fellowship, restoration, and friendship at a Champions Table. All-Pro Pastors has Champions Tables meeting all over the world and they also offers personal counseling and work shops to pastors and their staff. When pastors really learn to not just love one another, but like each other, we are seeing communities come together as never before as the body really does become one even across denominational lines. The sincerity of relationships among the pastors really does determine the ability of the church to reach a community and revive the world. It is the vision of All-Pro pastors that when pastors minister out of abundance and love each other unconditionally, the world can finally see the love of Christ. One All-Pro Pastors group has even started an orphanage in Sierre Leone, Africa. – Persecuted But Not Forgotten
“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” – Galatians 6:10 is a non-profit organization that has not forgotten about those who are being persecuted for their Christian faith. Unfortunately, more than 150,000 Christians are persecuted every year. Even when Christians are not killed or put in jail, they often loose their jobs and are unable to provide for their family. Joshuacord has also nearly completed a documentary film called, “Christians in the Mirror.” After 3 trips to the Middle East and Africa, the film accurately details the inexplicable suffering and desperation of the persecuted Christians and how they are living courageously through it by exhibiting love, faith, and hope in the midst of death, torture, and tragedy. This is contrasted against the “good life” that most of us have that begs us to ask the question, “Now that we know, how can we help?” You can support Joshuacord and help persecuted Christians by praying, volunteering, participating in the Joshua 1:9 Freedom 5k in November or by donating.

“Give Em Heaven Ministries” – Facebook
“When did we see You sick or in prison and visit You?’ And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’ – Matthew 25 39 & 40

“Give Em Heaven” is a prison ministry to boys in Tampa Bay area. The ministry was was founded by Big Joe Pottle, who was a preachers kid gone wrong until he met the Lord in an extra-ordinary way. Since that time God has led Big Joe to the youth who are most at risk. For over 13 years, Big Joe has been doing church in prison, discipling youth on a daily basis and baptizing an astonishing 100 boys per year. Because of his obvious calling, Big Joe was ordained by Bell Shoals Baptist church in what was to be one of the shortest deliberations in history. Big Joe could use some help in the form of volunteers, networking with other youth groups, supplies and donations. – A Network for Life, Care & Hope
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10

LifeCare’s mission is to protect the sanctity of human life and promote God’s plan for marriage and the family. LifeCare had been serving the Brandon and South Shore areas since 2012. Through compassionate care, education, counseling, practical support, and community networking, we provide support to teens, women, couples and families who are facing the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy. They also offer hope and healing to those suffering from the heartbreak of a past abortion. Their other website is called choiceswomenscenter.comand it helps them reach woman who are actively searching to get an abortion. They also provide free pregnancy tests and an ultrasound screening in order to introduce them to their unborn baby. At every stage LifeCare attempts to educate women about their choices of abortion, parenting and adoption. If a woman finds her way to a local pregnancy center first, she is likely to choose life 80% of the time, but if her first stop is an abortion clinic, she will choose abortion 80% of the time. No matter what the situation, LifeCare supports and counsels women who are in need of emotional, spiritual, physical and parenting support. LifeCare desperately needs prayers, volunteers, supplies, clothes and finances.
In Luke 15, Jesus tells the Parable of the Lost Sheep, where the shepherd leaves the 99 sheep to go after the one who is lost, so that he might be saved.

Revive Florida is part of, which is a national drive to gather churches and lead them out in the streets witnessing for Christ. Unless people meet Jesus, our cities and nation cannot be transformed. This has already occurred in over 15 states since 2007, with staggering results. Revive Florida is not just bringing 100’s of churches together, but they are actively equipping the saints to share the Gospel in very simple and yet bold ways. When 20,000 plus Christians are out of their buildings and sharing the gospel, lives and communities start to change. We believe that when the Church starts living and declaring the pure message of the Gospel in unity, a city, and even a nation can be revived for His glory. (John 17:23) Support because the world needs to see how we love each other and how we love them enough to actually come talk to them about Jesus. To be a part, tell your pastor, donate your time, donate your funds and join the movement at